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 Plomari is a picturesque village in Lesvos, one of the best Greek Islands to travel and enjoy the authentic Greek countryside life. Lesvos and Plomari are all-year-around destinations; in summer one can enjoy the sun and the sea, while in winter you may explore the nature of the island, the culture and the life of the locals. Plomari is well known in Greece as the hometown of ouzo and is ideal for a trip to Lesvos and the Aegean Sea.
Plomari’s first name was Potamos (river) because of its river Sedountas. The village was built in the middle of the 19th century, when its inhabitants, having no fear of pirates anymore, decided to leave Megalohori (the old Plomari) and transfer their homes to the “wet valley” as per their coop’s Benjamin of Lesvos advice.
In fact, that wet valley, the sea, had plenty to offer them. Until the first quarter of the 20th century, Plomari experienced a significant growth in industry and commerce.
Navals from all over the Aegean Sea were constructing their ships in the shipyards of the village, while its soap industries were supplying high quality soap to the entire Mediterranean. As a result of all this, local navals travelled through the whole Mediterranean, from Marseilles to the Pont.
In 1922, due to the destruction of Smyrna, the commercial routes from Plomari to the coasts of Minor Asia were stopped, wrecking the trade and consequently the production of the area. However, as the years went by, the area achieved successful progress in the financial and cultural sections. Agriculture, ouzo industry and tourism have played a significant role in the economic life of the village.
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