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During summer time Plomari is an official entry point for the Schengen Area, and operates touristic routes to/from the Turkish shores. However, its port is not used for domestic itineraries to other islands of the Aegean Sea or to the Greek Mainland.

If you would like to travel to Plomari and Lesvos by sea, then you will have to get ferry tickets and reach the island through the port of Mytilene.

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Ferry Tickets to Sigri

Further to the option of the ferry tickets to Mytilene, there is also the alternative to travel to Lesvos by boat through Sigri. The port of Sigri is located in the western side of Lesvos and is available once per week during the summer period. The distance from Sigri to Plomari is longer than the distance from Mytilene but the boat trip from the mainland of Greece is shorter.

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Can I reach Plomari directly by ferry?

Plomari’s port doesn’t currently offer ferry connections to other islands or mainland Greece. However, during summer time, Plomari’s port operates touristic routes to the nearby turkish shores.

How can I get to Plomari by ferry?

While Mytilene serves as the year-round ferry hub for reaching Lesvos and Plomari (with onward transportation upon arrival), a seasonal ferry connection from Greek mainland to Sigri on the island’s west coast is available during some days of the summer. If you’re considering to travel from Turkey to Plomari in the summer, check for direct ferry to Plomari availability on your preferred dates.


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