Ferry Tickets to Lesvos

Even though Plomari has its own port, it is not connected with sea routes to other Greek islands and the mainland. If you would like to travel to Plomari and Lesvos by sea, then you will have to get ferry tickets and reach the island through the port of Mytilene.

Choose your departure port, the dates of your trip and book ferry tickets to Mytilene easily and with safety. Pay extra attention to the reservation terms and the procedure of receiving your tickets. Most tickets cannot be amended or canceled. Book ferry tickets to Mytilene with any major ferry company that offers ship connection to Mytilene.

Book a ferry ticket to Lesvos

Further to the option of the ferry tickets to Mytilene, there is also the alternative to travel to Lesvos by boat through Sigri. The port of Sigri is located in the western side of Lesvos and is available once per week during the summer period. The distance from Sigri to Plomari is longer than the distance from Mytilene but the boat trip from the mainland of Greece is shorter.

Book your ferry tickets to Lesvos and enjoy magnificent vacation in Plomari.

Can I get to Lesvos by boat?

There is daily connection by boat from Piraeus Port (Athens) to Mytilene, and the trip lasts 10-12 hours. During summer there is a weekly connection from Piraeus to Sigri. Lesvos is also connected by boat with other major ports and islands, such as Chios, Kavala, Lesvos, Samos, Ikaria and Mykonos. There is a connection with the nearby Turkish coasts from Mytilene or Petra.

How much costs a ferry ticket to Lesvos?

Ferry ticket prices to Lesvos from Piraeus start from 38 € (economic seat – one way) and may reach up to 140 € for a bed in a luxury cabin. Car transportation prices are about 100 € for a regular car, one way.