The trip to Lesvos and Plomari is easy, no matter whether you are travelling from Greece or abroad. You may travel to Lesvos by airplane or ferry, while you may reach Plomari using a rented vehicle or public transportation such as taxi or bus.

Lesvos Map with Plomari
Plomari is located at the southern part of Lesvos island.

Το travel by airplane to Plomari, you will have to fly to Mytilene. The airport of Mytilene is called Odysseas Elytis and its international code is MJT. It connects Lesvos with various cities in Greece and Europe, with regular itineraries or charter flights.

To reach Plomari by boat you may use a private one to the port of Plomari, while there is regular connection by ferry to Lesvos through the port of Mytilene or occasionaly to the port of Sigri. Lesvos is connected by ferry to Piraeus, Chios, Lemnos, Thessaloniki, Kavala and various other ports of Greece or the Minor Asia coasts.

In order to visit Plomari from other parts of Lesvos, you may use public transportation, the KTEL buses from and to Mytilene, Gera and the villages of Plomari. Taxi is an alternative option. You may also choose to rent a car in Plomari, the airport or the port of Mytilene.