Travel to Plomari

Plomari is a picturesque town in Lesvos, one of the best Greek Islands to travel and enjoy the authentic Greek countryside life. Lesvos and Plomari are all-year-around destinations; in summer one can enjoy the sun and the sea, while in winter you may explore the nature of the island, the culture and the life of the locals. Plomari is well known in Greece as the hometown of ouzo and is ideal for a trip to Lesvos and the Aegean Sea. Visit Plomari and enjoy an authentic destination. In find out more about Plomari Hotels, Restaurants and Attractions.

Why Plomari?

It’s the sea, the sun, the beaches, the picturesque houses, the breeze when walking by the port, it’s the ouzo and the food, the olive oil and the taste of the fresh fish, but more than everything it’s the people and their hospitality; it’s the culture and the ambience of Plomari. That’s why.

The best Plomari hotels are located either in the seaside, near Ayios Isidoros and Ammoudeli beach or in the nearby mountains offering an alternative travel suggestion, mostly for off-season trips and getaways. If you choose to travel to Plomari, make sure that you will have enough time to explore the whole area. It would be wise to reserve at least four days for your stay, while a week would be recommended. Besides hotels, Plomari offers many vacation rentals for thriftier accommodation or for more exclusive stays.

In Plomari you will find numerous restaurants to taste traditional local recipes and fresh fish, accompanied with the famous local ouzo. Among the delicious mezé dishes that you may taste, don’t miss to try “loul’délia” (fried zucchini blossoms), “pastés sardéles” (salted sardines), “sfougáto” (eggs and zucchini in the pan), “fasólia mavromítika” (lobia beans). All of these dishes are created with inexpensive local ingredients, highlighting the history and culture of a poor village who used to create high-quality food from humble products.

There are magnificent beaches in Plomari where you can enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Ayios Isidoros, the sandy and longest beach of the area in the east, Ammoudeli, a beautiful pebble beach in the west, Tarsanas, a small beach in the east of the marina, Melinda, 6 kms away from Plomari in the road to Paleochori and Ayia Varvara, 4 kms away from Plomari, just after Ayios Isidoros, are the main options for swimming near Plomari.

Plomari offers plenty attractions to visit during your stay. Churches, museums, magnificent landscapes and picturesque neighbourhoods are worthy to be visited. There are two ouzo museums created by two of the most famous ouzo brands of Plomari, Ouzo Barbayanni and Ouzo Isidoros Arvanitis. The Soap Industry Museum in Isa Mesa area and the Folklore Museum in the centre are two more attractions that can be visited. Walk in the streets of the inner neighbourhoods of the village, admire the old mansions and the traditional architecture, view the historic kafeneia (cafés) of the centre and visit both the main chuches and the small chapels that are scattered in the area.

There are plenty of local products that one must try and take back home. The most famous is the ouzo of Plomari; several brands create Greece’s most popular ouzo since the first decades of the 19th century. What makes Plomari’s ouzo that special is its unique quality; high-quality anise from Lisvori, fresh water from Plomari and the best ingredients from Lesvos are 100% distilled to create what is said to be the best ouzo of the world! Plomari’s Olive-Oil is another top-quality product that you need to try and buy on your way home. The olive oil of Plomari is created by the locals with olives picked every winter from the olive trees of Plomari area. Make sure to seek for the organic olive oil of the area. Other local products that you can find is ladotyri cheese and various diary products, olives and handcrafted souvenirs.

One of the best experiences one may have is to discover the area around Plomari itself. The villages of Plomari and the magnificent landscapes that combine sea with mountains offer an authentic experience of the Greek countryside. Visit Megalochori, the old Plomari, with its picturesque squares and beautiful churches, Paleochori and its haven Melinda, Akrasi and Ambeliko, Neochori, as well as Playia and Trigonas.